Adele’s Adventure

“Guess who I sold a book to? Adele said, when she woke up.
“The Queen of England?” I said.
“Living American female?”
“Fictional Swedish Female?” We were into Season 3 of “Broen/Bron.”
“I give up.”
“Bob Dylan. Want to know how?”
I had to use all my charms. We were in this hotel gym, and he was checking out all the women. ‘How did you get to be you?’ he said. ‘In fact, how did all these people become who they are?’”
“‘I can’t speak for them,’ I said. ‘But if you want to know about me, you can buy this book my husband and I wrote.’”
“‘NYNGHUH,’ he said, making this Bob Dylan sound and face.
“‘Can I take that as a ‘”Yes”?’ I said.
“‘What does that mean?’
“‘It’s lawyer talk,’ his friend said. ‘You just bought a book.’
“‘I have to get it from my room,’” I said.”