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Friends’ Central School. 1960.

BA (Politics): Brandeis Univ. 1964

LLB: Univ. of Pennsylvania Law School. 1967

MA (Creative Writing): San Francisco State Univ. 1975.



VISTA volunteer assigned to Community Legal Counsel, Chicago, Ill. 1967-68.

Library clerk at Continuing Education for the Bar, Berkeley, CA. 1968-69.

Associate of Jerrold R. Levitin, Esq., at Levy & Van Bourg, San Francisco, CA. 1969.

Associate of Jettie Pierce Selvig, Esq. and Melvin M. Belli, Esq., San Francisco, CA. 1970-81.

Solo practitioner in Berkeley, CA. 1981-2011 (ret’d)..

Certified specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law by the California Board of Legal Specialization. 1979-2009.


Publications and Awards

“You Can’t Tell the Players” (story). FOLIO, Spring, 1963.

“Nightlife” (article). COLLEGIATE GUIDE TO PHILADELPHIA, 1966.

“Gang-Busting in Chicago” (article). NEW REPUBLIC, June 1, 1968.

MAD 5″ (story). TRANSFER, Fall 1974.

“The Best Ride to New York” (story). MASSACHUSETTS REVIEW, Summer 1976. One of five best stories of the year, Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines; anthologized as Pushcart Prize winner, PUSHCART PRESS II; honorable mention, BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES.

“Open Man” (story). CAROLINA QUARTERLY, Spring/Summer 1976. Honorable mention, BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES. Reprinted in FULL COURT: A LITERARY ANTHOLOGY OF BASKETBALL (1996).

“The Gremlin that Vanished” (story). KANSAS QUARTERLY, Spring 1978. Honorable mention, KANSAS QUARTERLY literary contest.

THE BEST RIDE TO NEW YORK (novel). Harper & Row, 1978. Won San Francisco Bar Association’s prize for fiction.

“Moments on the Trail” (article). WRITER’S YEARBOOK, 1980.

“Hudson” (story). CAVALIER, Aug. 1980.

“Workers’ Compensation and How to Avoid It” (chapter). MODERN TRIALS, Belli ed. 1982.

Recipient of grant, National Endowment for the Arts. 1982.

“Hollywood and Me” (thinly veiled fictional account). FRYING PAN, Dec. 1983.

“Republic” (story). FRYING PAN, Aug. 1984.

“Springsteen for President,” (article). FRYING PAN, Dec. 1985.

“The Boys of Shadow Elm,” (story). SAN JOSE STUDIES, Spring 1986.

“Remembrances of a Fan-Addict Past” (essay/memoir). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 120, reprinted (abridged) SPIN, Aug. 1988.

“Why Roy Lichtenstein is a Greater Artist than Ghastly Ingels,” (essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 135.

“Atack of the Salmon Heads,” (essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 141.

“What do Tex Watson, Rene Magritte and Wally Wood Have in Common?” (review of show by Jim Shaw). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 141.

“‘Yes, Yes,’ She Panted,” (essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 143.

“‘I Don’t Fuck My Dog’: The Life and Art of Dori Seda” (profile/essay with Adele Levin). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 154.

“Missing: The Search for ZAP #0,” (article/essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 156.

“Good Ol’ Chester Brown,” (profile/essay with Adele Levin). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 162.

“‘Enlighten ‘Em or Sicken ‘Em’: S. Clay Wilson: Work and Play,” (profile/essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 175.

“I Can’t Get No… No, No, No…,” (review of Harvey Pekar & Joyce Brabner’s Our Cancer Year, with Adele Levin). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 177.

FULLY ARMED: THE STORY OF JIMMY DON POLK (biographic fiction). Baskerville, 1995. [Excerpted in THE BERKELEY INSIDER, May 1996.]

“Outsider Cartoonist: B.N. Duncan Goes to the Museum,” (profile/essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 185.

Bob Dylan: the Man; the Myth; the Italian Meats Sandwich,” (essay). KARAMU, Spring 1996. Reprinted in MONTAGUE STREET #3. 2012.

“Have Mercy” (review). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 195.

“Rough Passage” (review). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 197.

“Sex and the Single 11-Year-Old,” (essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 200.

“Rice, Beans and Justin Greens,” (profile/essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 203.

“Katz Feat,” (profile/essay on Jack Katz) COMICS JOURNAL, Number 206.

“Alone in the Western World: The Saga of Maxon Crumb” (profile/essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 217. [Reprinted in unauthorized bootleg edition as “The Strange World of Maxon Crumb” April 2000.]

“The Story in Everything” (profile/essay on Ben Katchor). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 220.

“Not Being Emily Dickinson” (interview of Trina Robbins). COMICS JOURNAL. Number 223.

“Cushlomochree Revisited” (essay on Crockett Johnson’s “Barnaby”). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 224.

“The Dr. Filth No One Knows” (essay). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 235.

“The Pirate and the Mouse: Part I” (profile/essay on Dan O’Neill). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 236.

“The Pirate and the Mouse: Part II.” COMICS JOURNAL, Number 239.

“Teddy Bears’ Picnic” (profile/essay on Rory Hayes). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 250.

THE PIRATES AND THE MOUSE: DISNEY’S WAR AGAINST THE COUNTERCULTURE (non-fiction book). Fantagraphics. 2003. (Excerpted in REASON vol. 36, no. 7. Dec. 2004; Italian edition, UN PORTOPOLINO TRA IL PIRATI: LA GUERRA DELLA DISNEY CONTRA L’UNDERGROUND. Free Books. 2006; reprinting of REASON excerpt, slightly revised at the web site of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s history of comic censorship. May 2013.)

“Now You See Me” (profile/essay on Arn Saba/Katherine Collins). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 255.

“The Mark of Tyrone Power” (profile/essay on Alex Toth). COMICS JOURNAL, Number 262.

“What’s So Fair About Fair Use.” Speech to The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library’s eighth triennial Festival of Cartoon Art on censorship, self-censorship and editorial control. October 16, 2004.

“See My Light Come Shining” (profile/essay on Vaughn Bode). COMICS JOURNAL, Special Edition Volume Five. 2005.


“Your Children Will Thank You” (introductory remarks). THE ART OF S. CLAY WILSON. Ten Speed Press. 2006.



“The Phantasmagoria of S. Clay Wilson” (interview). THE COMICS JOURNAL. Number 293. (Republished at www.tcj.comApril 2, 2012.)

“Optimism of the Will” (opinion).


“Steak Sandwiches, B.C.,” THE BROAD STREET REVIEW (memoir). April 25, 2009.

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“On ‘Colored Girls’” (Published as “‘For Colored Girls Goes Hollywood’”) (review), , BROAD STREET REVIEW. Dec. 7, 2010.

“Seeing Is…,” a foreword to SPUD CRAZY, by Nick Tosches and J.T. Dockery. Institute 193. 2011.

“Goodbye to All That” (article on Frank Frazetta), March 7, 2011.

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1. 2011.

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Aug. 14, 2011.

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(Reprinted, without permission, at “Bodo’s Blog,” Dec. 27, 2011.)

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Text on plaques for Don Donohue and Greg Irons. Berkeley Historical Plaque Project. July 2012.

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Bob Dylan: Autumn 2012″ (article). December 2012.

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