Adventures in Marketing: Week 145

Sold three books at the cafe(s) and received one check in the POB.
(Must be the benefit of the tax cut.)

The check was from a cartoonist/writer and was for “I Will Keep You Alive.” Copies, by the way, should ship this week.
The first sale was of a “Schiz.” It went to an UG-connected woman who’d sent me a correction for “Pirates & Mouse” after it came out and with whom I became FB-“friends.” When I saw there she was in Berkeley, I invited her to drop by. Usually I give “trigger warnings” about this book, but after a couple minutes conversation, I turned straight to Shary Flenniken’s illustration for her. (She’d been a pal of Dori Seda’s, so I sent her a gift “Outlaws, Rebels…” too.)
A couple days later, I sold a “Cheesesteak” to a guy who’s been a café regular longer than me, but with extended absences due to his work – computers, I think – which often take him abroad. We rarely talk, but he was jet-lag wired after flying in from Sweden. “Philadelphia,” he said. “I had two car batteries stolen there in 24 hours.” That got us started. When he got to my opinion of cheesesteaks, I read the first sentence, which sealed the deal.
My third sale was my most astonishing ever. I had a five-book display, instead of my usual and noticed a young woman (20? 21?) in a hijab looking at them. My God, I thought, what do I have she would not find blasphemous? Luckily, she chose “Cheesesteak,” which contains nothing I would think X-rated. Usually men and women, even if much younger, connect to this book, but I imagined our backgrounds were w-a-a-a-y different.” (She is Bay Area born, but her parents are from Yemen.) “I really hope you’ll tell me what you think,” I said.
I have to say, my old liberal family-of-man feelings were touched.

In other news…
1.) Received my 2018 royalty statement from my old publisher. “The drinks – I mean, the drink – is on me.” I said.
2.) “Best Ride” has made it onto the Authors’ Shelf in the café. (It was delayed because the manager was reading – and liking – it.)
3.) Attendance for the launch party grows. Discuss eats/drinks with the café owner.