Adventures in Marketing: Week 151

Adele and I read to/answered questions from 25-30 people at the monthly meeting of the Oakland chapter of Mended Hearts. (I’m a member.) Sold 14 copies of “I Will Keep You Alive.” It went so well the president offered to suggest other chapters to invite us to meetings and to urge national to review or write about our book.
I sold two copies at the café and Adele three – one to a stranger – at the health club. A friend of Adele’s from high school bought two and friends visiting from NYC another. A second cousin and a friend from college reported ordering copies from Amazon. Sent a “review” copy to an on-line magazine to which Adele and I both contribute, and another to a bookstore in Philly friends recommended as a likely outlet. (I also threw in a “Chessesteak.”)
Sample reactions: “Honest, thoughtful, humorous, soul-ful, helpful, true… Many people will ber thanking you.” “WOW!!… beautiful and intimate.” [Also one: “I’m withholding judgment.” Like we should care, bitch.) In the small world of our friends and acquaintances, IWKYA is a smash, but in the larger world, it has not caused a ripple.
Still, each time I open my lap top, I can hope movement has begun.
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