Adventures in Marketing: Week 232

Sold five copies of “Goshkin” and one each of “Pirates and Mouse,” “Most Outrageous,” and “Schiz” to a woman in Chester County, PA, who’d come across another of my books a few months ago and become a fan. (This smashes my old Single Purchase record, previously held by a bi-polar woman who, in a manic phase, gave everyone in the café a Meyer lemon, bought one of each book on my table, took another half-dozen from the “Free” shelves – and has not been back since.) It is always a kick when, at conventions or signings or in the café, someone I don’t know personally buys one of my books, and this Chester Countyian has joined a rare group who reassure me that what I am doing isn’t entirely nuts.
“Goshkin,” by the way, is here. First box arrived Wednesday. I mailed out copies Thursday, and first responses came Friday. (This is a tribute to Media Mail. Vote-By-Mail ballots should do as well.) Two recipients “can’t wait to read it,” and one said, “It looks terrific. Hilarious!”, a compliment I forwarded to J.T. Dockery, its illustrator/designer, since he’s the guy who deserves it. (All recipients were in Berkeley, north, south and west, so if you don’t have yours yet don’t worry.
[By the way, if you haven’t ordered. My web site,, accepts Pay Pal.]

In other news…
1.) Dept. Of Journalistic Ethics: The publisher of a cartoon collection I am to review has gifted me with a half-dozen pairs of sox (five white, one pink) adorned with images from the work under consideration. Would Bob Woodward wear them, do you think?