Adventures in Marketing: Week 233

Sold two “Goshkin”s.
My first customer, through Spruce Hill’s post office box, was an ex-commercial fisherman/short story writer whom I’d met when he read at the café. The second was a retired newspaperman/basketball pal, to whom I’d given one and wanted a second as a birthday present for his son. (Hint. Hint.) He paid cash.
Mail deliveries – all book rate – have not been steady enough to make me confident about the election. Some Berkeley recipients got theirs the day after mailing, and it took one copy only two days to get to New York. But it took one a week to reach Newton Centre and another about that to make it to Menlo Park. (The fate of half the others that have been shipped remains unknown.)
As for reader responses… Two copies remain quarantined within their envelopes. The more daring recipients have uniformly praised the cover, front and back. (One hopes that proves to be how a book can be judged, after all.) The sister of the dedicatee praised the dedication. (She also liked the copyright page, which may be a first.) One fellow seems to have skipped directly to the Bob Dylan chapter and liked it. And a somewhat baffled high school classmate writes “No wonder I was in Section 2 and you were in Section 1.”
But don’t let that scare you.
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