Adventures in Marketing: Week 234

“Sold” one GOSHKIN.
The quotes are because I had sent it as a gift to the fellow whose work had led to the Edward Gorey chapter. But he didn’t remember ordering it and sent me ten and a five. When I explained and offered a refund, he said that, as a writer/publisher himself, he knew the realities of the game, and I could keep it.
Other acknowledgments of receipt have come in from Cincinnati Brooklyn, rural Arkansas, Boston, and Tustin, CA. (A dozen non-responders makes me wonder if I put the books in Vote-By-Mail envelopes by mistake.) G is not a book anyone would whip through, and, so far, no one has acknowledged making it to p. 50; but exit poll responses have included “terrific,” “great,” “really enjoying it,” and “lovely.” (This last from someone on p. 4.)

In other news…
I sent a copy (and an IWKYA) to a couple in Montreal. I had written about the fellow several years ago. As a subject, he had been exceedingly generous, and we had remained in touch.
I was happy to send GOSHKIN, but, especially after adding the second, the matter of international postage gave me pause. The question of did I want to be a person who requested reimbursement unflatteringly nagged at me all the way to the clerk’s window. But once I’d bitten this pecuniary bullet, I felt so inflated by self-worth, I got another envelope ready for Slovenia.

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