Adventures in Marketing: Week 26

I’ll get to the Launch Party tomorrow.

But first…

Leading into The Event, I’d already sold four “Schiz”‘s and three “Cheesesteak”s. One “Schiz” went to a writer-pal and one to a woman at the French who wanted it before the reading. One “Chees3esteak” went to a therapist-friend of Adele’s, who came upon my display at Berkeley Espresso, and one to a fellow in my locker room aisle with whom I frequently talk politics (we disagree) and the Warriors (we don’t) but who hadn’t known I wrote. (I can be a private fellow — as well as, it seems, an exhibitionist).

One “Schiz” went to a middle-aged fellow at the French, whom I’d seen frequently but with whom I’d never spoken. (I guess my presence wore him down or his curiosity got the better of him.) Anyway, he turned out to be an architect, who quit the business because he got tired dealing with the city in order to study and write e-books about physics. Both other books went to a woman about my age, who lives in the Gold Country but was in town, staying at the hotel of which the French is part. She had lived in Berkeley many years and had known many of its more colorful characters, including an alcoholic cartoonist I had only heard about. I’m hoping to hear from her again

The most rewarding part of this experience has been the people I’ve met, whom I otherwise wouldn’t have, as well as deepening relationships that I already had.

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