Adventures in Marketing — Week 269

The economy is booming. All praise Joe Biden.
1. Sold a “Schiz” to a classical musician, a regular at the café, who had never previously expressed any interest in my books. He looked at the four I am currently displaying, then consulted with a neighbor of his/friend of mine and decided I was worth the money. He is a Renaissance fellow, winemaker, bird watcher, connoisseur of classic cars, and he now periodically sits himself down and fills me in on details of his personal life, which far exceed what I know about most people, as well as his recommendations for books and tv series, one each of which I am about to take him up on.
2. Sold one “Cheesesteak” and one “Goshkin” to a jolly, white haired fellow, a history teacher at Berkeley High. “You aren’t S. Clay Wilson!” he said, drawn to my table by my Checkered Demon sign. He then confided his life had gone ZAP Comix, LSD, and, I guess literally, the rest was “history.” He had to rush off to an 8:00 class, but I hope to hear from him again.
3. A high school classmate, who resides in France and had promised to cover postage if I sent a “Goshkin,” sent, I am sure, more than enough, so I have additional profit there. (I’ve promised her “store credit.”)

In other news…
1) Faithful – even not-so faithful – readers may recall my offer, last “Adventure,” of a copy of my next book to anyone who sent a SASE to my post office box. Alas, faulty memory-wiring or my subconscious caused me to give the wrong zip code, so while this provides some solace for the apparent lack of interest that ensued, it does cause me personal embarrassment. THE CORRECT ADDRESS IS POB 9492, BERKELEY 94709. The offer is still good, and if you wrote the old address and it wasn’t returned, let me know and we’ll work something out.