Adventures in Marketing: Week 276

No sales.
No notable conversations.

Gave away two IWKYAs.
One was to the coordinator of the hospital volunteer program, where I Mended Hearts at, because she was so helpful in helping me re-register when I was inept at doing it electronically.
The other went to my new internist, who turned out to be a fan of “Dr. Fleur” too. “You love her?” he said. “I love her too.”
“I’ve learned there are people who don’t like her,” I said.
“There are people who hate her,” he said. “She’s a pistol.”

One envelope has arrived from a basketball buddy, unstamped, but with a check that includes pure profit for the author. One writer pal has offered to buy lunch in exchange for a copy. (A coffee will more than cover it.) One college friend sent an SASE to my POB over a week ago. (I will take his word for it.) A cartoonist says he wants one but somehow he got the idea it is connected to THE PIRATES AND THE MOUSE, so I don’t know.
As for progress, my editor/formatter has shifted his verb from “rolling” to “chugging along,” which sounds like a slowing of speed, but since he’s working primarily for love, I dare not call for peddle-to-metal.

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