Adventures in Marketing: Week 278

Sold two books.

A fellow from “First of the Month” world bought a “Cheesesteak” and a “Schiz.”

In other news…

1.) “IWKYA” received a heavy recommendation at the on-line Mended Hearts Forum. (MH, for those who don’t recall, is an organization for people — or family of people — who’ve had heart surgery.) The thread in which the recommendation appeared was about the importance of care-givers, in which IWKYA does not stint.

2.) Two previous customers stopped by my cafe table to chat.

a.) J, an engineer, (See Adv. 275. “Cheesesteak”) told me he was enjoying it, said he was thinking about a career change, and asked about being a lawyer.

b.) L., unemployed, (See Adv. 277. “Schiz”) told me was enjoying it. “You’ve got some good ideas,” he said, leaving them undisclosed. “Did youy know Carol Doda?”

I’d forgotten I’d mentioned her.

3.) “Lollipop” remains in limbo. Artistic differences with cover-designer seemingly resolved, but editor seems to be prioritizing elsewhere.

ALL BOB’S BOOKS remain available at An SASE ($2.89, domestic) to POB 9492, will bring you a “Lollipop,” if and when.