Adventures in Marketing — Week 296

Sold that Outlaws, Rebels to my café pal who’d expressed interest in it as an Xmas
gift for her son.
And another friend – and prior customer – ordered an IWKYA for a friend of his who’s had his own complicated course of cardio-related problems. (I promised my friend I soud get him in here, so, Budd, this is for you.)
(Two people expressed interest in Fully Armed, but neither put cash on the barrelhead.)

In other news…
1.) By the time you read this, a pdf of Lollipop will have reached my printer in Montreal. I am not expected to have copies in hand for distribution until mid-February at the earliest. Continued patience is appreciated.
2.) Long-time friends will recall Best Ride to New York being optioned for a (non-major) motion picture, which never happened because the director/option-holder demanded a leading man who could play basketball and those with sufficient skills who wanted to play my protagonist were not big enough names to raise financing and those who were big enough didn’t want to play him.We went through two or three generations of potential leading men, had many bitterly funny conversations, and became good friends before he gave up and quit the business.
This week, when we talked, he asked if I still had our contract. His son, a Clio-award winning director of commercials, has been asked by a film production company to pitch it some projects, and guess what is on his list.
I seem to be on my second generation of directors.