Adventures in Marketing — Week 308

Sold four “Lollipop”s.

Three at the cafe (one on credit, payment a week overdue) and one at my web site. Swapped one for a promised CD and sent one to a cartoonist in Slovenia who’d sent me her most recent book.

Deliveries have occurred in Washington and Colorado but not, so far as I can tell, on the east coast. Reactions have been positive, but no one has reported reaching beyond Chapter 8. One fellow has asked to review it at a journal to which we both contribute, but, unfortunately, I know from having made a similar request the journal — commendably — does not allow one contributor to review another; and I have sent copies to a book review near Chicago and applied — you have to apply — to be reviewed by an outfit in the city itself.

In other news…

1.) Not directly on point, but I received an e-mail from a woman in New York who wanted to surprise her husband on their 20th wedding anniversary with a gift of some of my art work in the $300-$35oo price range, though she could “be flexible with the cost.”

I thanked her but said, regrettably, I had no artwork. I did have several books I would happily sell her for $300-$3500 and, if it would make them more appealing to her, offered to doodle alongside my signature on the title page.

She has not replied as yet.