Adventures in Marketing — Week 324

Two café sales.
The first was to a stranger, a critical care nurse, who picked up a Schiz for her son, an aspiring writer of edgy stuff. She thought it might inspire him.
The second was to a “regular” – a politically-engaged attorney from Sacramento, who comes down to Berkeley with his wife for a couple weeks each summer to babysit their grandkids while their parents take a vacation. He bought a “Lollipop, which was new since he’d been here last.
And gave a Cheesesteak to a recently retired workers’ comp attorney I’d known since the ‘70s. She was from Philly – actually Elkins Park – and only a couple years younger than me, so it should resonate.

In other news…
1.) I was interviewed by a fellow who is writing about a cartoonist featured in The Pirates and the Mouse. The cartoonist thought he would benefit from reading the book, so he bought him a copy on-line. The writer told me it came autographed to a couple and asked about them.
I had known the husband since childhood but we hadn’t become friendly until we both were in Chicago at the same time. Within a year or two of that, we were both here and would have lunch or coffee once or twice a year. He passed several years ago and his wife must have de-acquisitioned my book along with his ties and old hiking boots.
I wondered what it went for, so I checked A Libris. You can pick up a used copy for $25 and a new one for $76.38. I’ve been selling them for $30, signed, so maybe I ought to raise my prices.

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