Adventures in Marketing: Week 36

Sold a “Schiz” to an editor/publisher of indie books to one of which I had contributed. Swapped a copy of “Outlaws, Rebels…” to a Serbian cartoonist/filmmaker for a pdf of a graphic novel of his. Gave a copy of “Cheesesteak” to an eminent octogenarian conspiracy theorist in Philadelphia, turning the other cheek to his judgment that my own views on his primary area of expertise were “preposterous and indefensible.” Gave another to a fellow in the health club locker room whose inquiry about the reliability of its scale led me to inquire, “You from Philadelphia?” (He was astounded to learn he had an accent.) Overbrook Park. Central High School ’67. Out here visiting a sob.

So much good will established, but with the postage to Serbia, finished in the red.