Adventures in Marketing — Week 382

Sold three books.
Two were “Outlaws, Rebels…,” which is a book I rarely bring to the café because not too much of my public are fans of underground/alternative comix, but “Rex,” the former animator had wanted one, so I had laid a copy out for him last week when, as previously reported, it was snapped up by that biologist. This week I had brought another, but, just as Rex was about to walk through the door, it was snapped up by “Y,” a prior customer. Finally, the next day, I put it in Rex’s hands directly, forcing me on-line to replenish my stock since it is out-of-print and I can only market the “pre-owned.”
My other sale was an IWKYA to a visitor from Colorado. She had a long brown braid under a flowered Giants cap and had two small boys with her. She and her husband, if I understood correctly, co-own a business which takes echo-cardiograms for doctors and hospitals, and their youngest son, who is 11, has already announced his wish to become a cardiac surgeon. So I may have tapped into a market there.

In other news…
1.) My most notable non-sale was to a fellow wearing a soiled flat-brimmed straw hat, tinted glasses, green billowing sport jacket, and purple low cut sneakers. (He said he would buy a book the next time he had money.) He was unfamiliar with even the most well-known UG/alt cartoonists, but he recommended to me a Belgian creator of woodcut novels and a local politically inclined poster artist, both of whom I didn’t know. We were getting along fine until the conversation reached a point where he was telling me about neighbors who were attempting to link him to a Nazi Manson family (or maybe he was linking them to it). Either way, I regretted having already given him my card.
2.) And in a p.s. to last week’s “Adventure,” it came to my attention that it was illegal in California to possess a switchblade with more than a 2″ blade. However, on the advice of my counsel, Sydney Powell and John Eastman, I believe I have a good Second Amendment defense should it come to that.