Adventures in Marketing — Week 412

Sold an IWKYA and – sort-of – a Best Ride” and an “Outlaws, Rebels…”
The first, discounted, when to my café pal “Stan.” He believed he had previously bought a copy but has been unable to locate it and, having recently met Adele, wanted to hear more of her voice.
The other two were a Pay Pal order from someone I do not know. Since Pay Pal seems to no longer tell Sellers the addresses of Buyers, I had to email him to request it. He has not yet replied, and Pay Pal’s Customer Service operation has me stymied, so the books are sitting there, unaddressed an unsigned. (The two books selected struck me as representing an odd combination of interests, and I was curious what explained the purchase.) I found four people at FB with the name of the buyer, but none seemed an obvious match for him.

In other news…
1.) The article I am hoping to write is still spinning its wheels. One lengthy phone interview conducted (and a couple more background articles read) and I have still not gained traction. When I click the meditation marker on my Apple watch and am instructed to focus on my thoughts, the assignment remains front and center though.
2.) I had given a gift “Bob on Bob” to the cafe’s resident roots music guru, who had known Bob when. He is a nice fellow, eminently knowledgeable about that scene, and had given me a CD of himself, playing and singing. Recently, he has taken to selling from his table a how-to book he has self-published, along with th4 café journal in which he has a couple songs. The other day, I learned he had added to his offerings the “Bob” I’d given him. (He is asking the cover price, and it comes signed.)
I didn’t know whether to be insulted or flattered he hadn’t simply dumped it in a Free Little Library box like I have been known to do with books unloaded on me.
“Tactless,” a well-bred Manhattanite of my acquaintance offers.
3.) Meanwhile, the Air Pirates movie phantasmagoria gains flesh. I am scheduled to meet with one of the principals this week. He is well-credentialed and, on the phone, sounds like a solid dude.
Excitement builds.