Adventures in Marketing: Week 46

Note: Keen-eyed, unmemory-impaired, numerically-obsessive readers may note there has been no Week 45 in this space. Do not worry. It shall appear. Meanwhile…]

Sold, via this very web site — where all my books are available — one “Outlaws…” The buyer identified himself as a fan of “Pirates” — and a publisher, who invited me to write for him. His e-mail proposed a 40,000 word “primer,” on a subject I took a shine to, for a figure on a check which would be more than I’d seen in a while but, per word, wasn’t. So I responded with an inquiry about royalties, on what I envisioned as a stand-alone pamphlet, inquired about a series,…

“He only wants 4000 words,” Adele, with whom I share the e-mail address, said.


“You probably think I’m n idiot,” I followed up to the publisher. “But I’m in.”