Adventures in Marketing: Week 60

Sold one “Cheesesteak”

The discerning shopper was a middle-aged UC math professor who had noted my presence at the café before but never spoken to me until now.

When he heard I also wrote about underground cartoonists, he told me his ex-father-in-law had written and/or made a documentary film about Lord Buckley.

“Lord Buckley!” I said. “I remember him from my druggie days.”

“his too,” he said.

In other news, “Heart” was turned down by another agent and my proposed new collection of cartoonist-related writings (tentatively titled “Son of Outlaws, Rebels, Free-Thinkers, Pirates & Pornographers”) by two publishers. The editor-in-chief of the second of these said he “really liked” my stuff but that the marketing and sales folk were opposed. While certainly understandable, this news did not make me want to jump out of bed this morning.

But my distributor guy says he will handle it if I self-publish and my production guy is hot to go ahead. so maybe it’s safe to throw off the blankets.

Pre-orders accepted.