Adventures in Marketing: Week 61

Sold one “Cheesesteak.” (It was intended as a gift to a high school classmate, but she sent me $20.)

In other news…

a.) Information reached me that an on-line dealer in remaindered books was offering “Most Outrageous” for less than my author’s discount gets me at my publisher’s, so even though it has not exactly been jumping off my table, I ordered 10. Available here for a limited time only for $12 (40% below list).

b.) When I returned to the post office, Big Dawg (See Week 59’s report) said, “You was a wild young man, you and your buddy.”

“That was long ago,” I said.

“But good memories and good times.”

“Yes, it was.”

c.) Then just the other day, while I was on my lap top in the cafĂ©, my book display to my left, a young woman asked if she could take y picture. She was a photo-journalism student at UC. “With toothpick or without?” I said.

“With,” she said. “It’s cool.”

She was from Denmark. I told her how much we liked “Forbrydelsen.”

I smile to think about it.