Adventures in Marketing: Week 66

Sold one “Outlaws, Rebels…”

The buyer was in New Zealand. I was so excited at breaking into an entirely new continent, I overlooked that I was spending $8.13 more in postage than he spent at Pay Pal. More successes like that and I may be pan-handling on Telegraph Avenue.

In other news, Adele and I have completed affixing new price stickers to 600 copies of “The Schiz” and await cartons and address labels to ship them to the distributor’s warehouse. Milo has prepared an enthusiastic-to-the-point-of-giggle-inducement press release to accompany each of the review copies with which he will be flooding the media. And he has hooked up this very web site (from which, by the way, all my books can be ordered) so that it can receive and send e-mails like I have an actual operation running.

Is that cool, or what?