Adventures in Marketing: Week 67

Sold one “Schiz.”

The buyer, a fellow in his 30s, originally from Milan, now living and working for an unidentified corporation here, is an aspiring thriller writer. Likes Grisham, Lee Childs, reads how-to-books, attend conferences on the topic. After he had moved on, another regular, who writes in the cafĂ©, offered to bail me out of these conversations. “Oh no,” I said. “I enjoy them. It’s part of the process.”

In other news…

1.) “The Schiz” has moved measurably closer to in-store availability. My warehouse vision (me) has readied several cartons for shipment to the distributor. Following the “This End Up” arrows and applying the mailing labels was easy. Now that I have developed my taping skills, things should move quickly along.

2.) Milo and I have been kicking around the title for my new collection of commix-related pieces. “Messiahs, Misanthropes, Litigants & the Loss: Tales of Creativity and Conflict” has nosed ahead of “Darf Mein Gehr in Kolledj” (“For this I went to College”). We are shooting for self-publishing next spring. The distributor is already on board.

3.) Sent off the second of two pieces I’d promised That clears my desk of works-in-progress, and I’ve returned to my VISTA year. I’ve tried this as fiction, non-, and a hybrid. It’s the 50th anniversary, so it seems like time. I’m thinking e-book, but I’m open to suggestions.