Adventures in Marketing: Week 86

[Preferatory Note: I’ve picked up a few new “Friends” recently, so let me explain that since I began self-publishing, most mornings I’ve sat in a cafĂ© with a “Buy Bob’s Books” sign (courtesy of S. Clay Wilson) and a display of my works. Then most weeks, I’ve posted news of my experience — and related matters.]


No sales. (One shopper examined “Fully Armed” because he thought the fellow in the wheelchair on the cover might be a gangbanger he knew from Oakland but, of course, he wasn’t.)

Worse. That lawyer who was definitely going to call me Tuesday about my testifying as an expert witness in his comic book copyright case hasn’t been heard from since.

And worser still, the new collection of my comic-related writings, which I expected to have out in the fall, won’t happen until the following spring because I missed a deadline I didn’t know about or had forgotten if I did. If there were any heads to roll at Spruce Hill Press besides my own…

However, seeing these newly opened gaps in my schedule as Messages from God, I may accelerate the publishing of Adele and my co-written account of our adventures in cardio-vascular land.
Love (certainly. Death (nearly). It’s got it all. Can I see a show of hands for pre-orders.