Adventures in Marketing: Week 93/94

No sales.
But after a couple weeks mullings over, Open Book, a small store in Elkins Park, outside Philadelphia, has agreed to take two copies of Cheesesteak (first printing) on consignment. If they sell, it will order the new edition. So if you are in the neighborhood…

In other news, (a) I’ve moved into the back room at one of my cafes. (At the other, I sit close to the door.) Less foot traffic, but the tables are bigger so I can spread out, and it’s quieter so I’m less vulnerable to chatter. (B) “My Two Cents” received a couple quality responses from FOM (though not of the quality of my pal Budd, whose recent review of Daniel Ellsberg’s new book received praise from Ellsberg himself) And ©, it looks like I will be organizing/hosting a series of readings (poetry and prose) at the aforementioned café. Still to be negotiated are how many per month, how many readers per evening, the hours of operation, and will I spring for the cost of a microphone.
Any suggestions for the latter?