Adventures in Marketing: Week 95

No sales.
But a delightful café conversation with a Washington State undergraduate from So Cal, who was visiting Berkeley. A computer science major, with an interest in journalism, she asked enough questions about “inspiration” and “process” that you would expect aspiring writers to ask actual ones that I almost believed I had become just that. I got a kick out of listening to her and listening to me and watching us both. I gave her my card and told her about my blog and said she could soon be reading about herself.

In other news, the new, photo-illustrated edition of “Cheesesteak,” with added supplemental material by the author, has shipped from the printer. It can be purchased in stores, on-line, or, personally signed, for $15 to Spruce Hill Press, POB 9492, Berkeley 94709.
And with the short story writer/memoirist Yvonne Martinez, I will be kicking off a new reading series at the Vanne Bistro (formerly the café at the French Hotel), 1538 Shattuck, Berkeley, CA, on April 16, 94709. (If you’d like to read at a future date, e-mail me: