Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 200-205

For new “friends, new readers, and old ones with hazy memories, here’s the deal. For nearly four years, most mornings, I sit in a café, selling my books. Then I report on the goings-on. As you can imagine, sheltering-in-place has snuffed that. But in response to public demand – well, one public anyway – I’m resuming the reports if not the selling. Consider it my contribution to Making America Great Again.

No sales.
In light of which, I applied for a small business “COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan.” Who could be a smaller business than me, I figured. Plus I seemed to qualify.
“Currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue.” Check.
Less than 500 employees. You betcha.
Not engaged in illegal activities, under indictment or barred from federal contracts. Not a gambler or lobbyist. Check, check, check, check, and check.
If I got anything besides a visit from the FBI, I was coming out ahead.

In other news…
1.) I used my increased free time to finish two articles and a draft of a neither-this-not-that m.s.
2.) My most recent Royalty Statement from my most recent (non-self) publisher arrived. One print and one electronic copy of “Most Outrageous” sold. Three “Pirates/Mouse” e-books. My check broke into four figures. (Counting both-sides of-the-decimal-point.)
3.) Received an e-mail from a previously-unknown-to-me reader, impeccably Philly- connected, namely first-hand knowledge of Pat’s Steaks, Willie Reddish, and Ira Einhorn. Over- looking my “leftist rants and… Anti-Trump Screeds,” he wished Adele and me a “Happy and Healthy Pesach.”
Stay safe – and thanks for reading.
All books available from Skip stores and Amazon until my “distributor” stops screwing me.