Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 209 – 305

Sold a “Goshkin.”
Which ended my longest non-cash register ringing streak since these accounts began.
The buyer, an 80-year-old novelist’painter/musician, a café regular and prior customer (whose books I have also bought), was attracted by my seemingly just-noticed J.T. Dockery sign. “He did this too.” I pointed to the customer.
Leafing through the illustrations sealed the deal. “For me, my daughter (another novelist), and grandson (a cartoonist-in-development).”
“Only one copy?” Adele said, when I reported post-game. “You could have had a bonanza.”

In other news…
1.) My table had not been entirely without foot traffic. One fellow, of the all-possessions-in-a-backpack phylum, twice stopped by to inquire, “Are you Bob?”, his recollective vessels as undeveloped as his wallet.
2.) Someone else … That visit was even less consequential, and I’ve forgotten it completely.
3.) Had learned, via the Authors’ Guild Message Board, of a reputable publisher of spiritual/health books which would re-issue previously self-published books. Figuring Ram Dass’s testimonial would give it a leg up, I pitched it. “Unfortunately,” I learned “(it did) not fit (their) current publishing needs.” Alas, the couple weeks of pleasant fantasies until this judgment reached me succembed to reality’s scorpion sting.

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