Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 223.5 – 224

I sold a “Most Outrageous.” I think.
The circumstances are mysterious.
You will recall my reporting that Pay Pal said I had sold an “Outlaws, Rebels…” to someone who had not provided an address where I could send it and whose e-mail address to which an e-mail from me pointed this omission out could not be delivered.
Two days later, though I had gone what-seems at least a year without making a sale through Pay Pal, it reported this second one. This unlikely when-it-rains scenario again unfolded without a mailing address attached. This time my e-mail pointing this out appeared to go through. But it produced no better response than my undelivered one.
I checked my Pay Pal account. The funds for both purchases appeared there. I queried Pay Pal customer service and was told, in sentences which did not seem composed by anyone residing in the continental United States, that it had no further information to provide me.
Wait until you hear from them, I was told.