Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 230 – 231 1/2

Sold one more (pre-publication) “Goshkin.” The buyer was a high school classmate – and the journalistic talent in her yearbook co-editorship.
And swapped ten copies to the nonpareil J.T. Dockery, its illustrator/cover designer for some of the original art with which he graced it. (And J.T. reports he’s sold one already, via a virtual comicon he “attended.”
Additionally, I gave away an IWKYA, which is a nice story.
When I started out as a lawyer (1970/71), the firm I had space withused to send Xmas cards to clients. I decided to do the same, and if a client sent me one, even if their case was closed, I held them over to the next year’s list. Some of these exchanges went for long stretches, but within a few years of my retirement (2011), only three remained, a fellow from Greece and a woman from China, who were a couple, and a woman from Spain, for whom I’d gotten a divorce, and who’d been with me practically since the start.
Then two or three years ago, she stopped. The last card she’d sent had mentioned she’d had a stroke, but I couldn’t find her address and had no way of checking on her. A month ago, filling in some COVID-induced idle time cleaning my study, I found an envelope from her – which gives you some idea about the nature of my study – so I took a chance and wrote her. I received a lovely note back, telling how well she and her son and daughter, whom I knew about, and granddaughter, whom I didn’t, were doing and suggesting we e-mail.
So I sent my address – plus the book. I doubt she knows I was a writer. Hell, when I was her lawyer, I didn’t either.