Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 291-294

Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 291 – 294
No sales. (I’ve even begun varying which books I display.)
But one woman – 60ish, faded orange hair, grey hoodie – said, “You have interesting stuff. I’ll tell you that much.” And when another woman – 30ish, Hispanic, black windbreaker – said, “I wish I could buy one, but my budget has room only for coffee,” I offered her to take one, she said, “That’s very nice, but I’ll buy one when I get myself together.”
I did succeed in giving a Best Ride to a doctor-friend of a doctor-friend who has recently become a valuable addition to our e-mail-basketball-discussants group. (He’s been particularly good – and in agreement with me – on Wilt Chamberlain.)

In other news…
1.) The winners of the Arts Writers grants I didn’t get have been announced. Of the 20 pictured, my visual recognition program identified 14 women and seven people-of-color. Only one appears even half my age. My reply-all e-mailed (light-hearted) suggestion of ageism, along with congratulations, received zero acknowledgment.
2.) Meanwhile, Lollipop’s creative team has been firing on all cylinders. J.T. has eyes on completing the back cover this weekend. Milo has incorporated my corrections/additions to his first pdf and I have returned a few new ones for finalization. We hope to hit the printer this month.
The price is $15. Read all about it. “A VISTA Lawyer in Chicago. Sept ‘67 – Sept. ‘68.”
Murder. Romance. (Mainly true.) Not in stores or at Amazon. Available at or at Spruce Hill Press. POB 9492. Berkeley 94709. (The New Yorker reports more than 1.5 million self-published books appear each year and more than half earn less than $500, so do your part.)