Adventures in Marketing — Weeks 393 – 394

Sold a “Schiz.”
This was the third purchase by my new electrician/artist/musician friend “Stan.” Then he showed interest in “Cheesesteak,” so I gave it to him.
“Buy three, get one free,” I said.

In other news…
1.) I’ve been reading “New Wave,” an anthology of UG mini-comix of the 1970s/’80s. The artists, often high school kids, would write, draw, fold, trim, staple, photocopy their books, often 4-, 8-, 12-pages themselves. Then they’d give them away or sell them for a nickle or swap them. I figured that’s sorta what I’m doing, except I’m investing more capital and charging higher prices. The whole self-publishing is an extension of that ethos. In it for the pleasure, not the bucks.
2.) No progress on the collection of my comix-writings. My proofreader has been swamped by the demands of his day job, and the new proofreader to come aboard has been slugged by Covid. But the specs of my collection of my Dylan-writings went to printers and received about 15 bids. I’ve asked the low bidders for samples of their work and expect to make a choice this week, do the paperwork, and submit the pdfs.
This will be a small (64 pp.), limited edition (100 copies) of a dozen pieces, most of which appeared somewhere or other. About 20 copies have already been spoken for, so you may want to reserve yours now. They are available for $10 from me at the café during my regular business hours (or by special arrangement) or for $15 from Spruce Hill Press, POB 9492, Berkeley 94709.