Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 47-48

Sold zero books.


A former journalist stopped by my café table, where my books were on display, to say “Cheesesteak” had “inspired” her to write her own memoir and she already had 200 pages.

I thought, That would be five memoirs out of this café alone, plus a one-woman show about her abortion.

A composer of jazz operas called “Cheesesteak” “fabulous.

I told him “Stage and screen rights remain available.”

A man in a plaid flannel shirt said of my “Buy Bob’s Books” sign, “The Checkered Demon. The Checkered Demon. I haven’t seen the Checkered Demon in a long time.”

I complimented him on his eye.

A Doctor of Oriental Medicine told me he had self-published two books about “brain health.”

I told him I would swap him one of mine for one of his.

A 50-something, part-time substitute school teacher told me about bicycling from D.C. to Philadelphia (site of “Cheesesteak”) in the 1970s and staying at a youth hostel in Fairmount Park.

I recommended he visit the Barnes Museum the next time.

It all adds up.