Adventures in Marketing: Weeks 50/51

No sales.

Part of the problem may be that the café where I do most of my business is closed for renovations. But part may be I have exhausted my pool of buyers.

But I gave away a copy of “Fully Armed.”

In other (related) news, Adele and I queried an agent, whom, we had been told, was actively seeking authors to represent. Aside from being young enough to be our granddaughter, she seemed a perfect match for “Heart.” She wanted “illness,” “survival,” “humor.” We had all that. But our e-mail received an auto-reply that her seeking was at an end. Her client list was full. (The duplicious swine.)

The manuscript itself received one of the nicest rejections in my history of rejections. An acquisitions editor in North Carolina praised everything about our content but its bulk, which was too scanty to carry the price his company would have to apply to reap the rewards it desired. (Oh well, with his state’s Bathroom Bill and all…)

So the book is now with someone local, incorporated as a non-profit
where, hopefully, commerce will be less important than our art.