BABF: Day 2

BABF: Day 2
Two things improved.
Less wind, so not as cold.
Left three hours early, not two.
Sales-wise, not so much.

Sold a Wilson matchbook to a fellow who’d worked on “Sponge Bob Comics.” True, he passed on my books to buy it, which hurt my bottom line, but since Wilson gets the proceeds, it was good for my karma.)
Sold a “Huge” (art/story by Aaron Lange, Afterward by me) to a fellow who promised he was 18. (If he was – and not undercover – everything is kosher.)
Sold a “Best Ride” to the owner of one of the cafés which lets me sell there. (He wanted something for his Free Books shelf, so I steered him there, since it is my least expensive number.)
Ended with an “Outlaws, Rebels…” to a cartoonist-savvy editor. (I threw in a “Huge” gratis, when he showed interest in it.
As for the day’s best dialogue…
1.) “You’re competing with Alice Waters. She’s talking about peanut butter.”
2.) “I’m 86. What would you suggest about publishing?” (No, I did not suggest, “Don’t wait much longer.”)
3.) “Sauce or gravy?” (My interrogator seemed to believe this had something to do with my being from Philadelphia.)
4.) “Info booth. Can you direct me?”
5.) “I’m not a good customer. I don’t have any money with me.”
6.) “I’m scanning with my eyes.”
7.) “If I bought every book I wanted to read, I’d have no place to live.”
I also picked up a “fascinating” a “really interesting” and a “pretty cool” and a most-frequently (thrice) asked question: “What inspired you?”
When we were home, Adele said, “Look on the bright side. At least we din’t have to go to Larkspur or Rohnert Park.” “But if it was in in Larkspur or Rohnert Park,” I said, “we wouldn’t have gone.”