Leather Tales (con.)

For those of you who have been wondering about my new pants.

They are fine.

The second best thing about them is the front pockets. You can stick an entire hand in. (What you do with it then is your business.)

The major drawback is that if you are a 33, you can snap open the waist button by bending over. (Or maybe that is not a problem.) But if you are a 34, I would buy a 36.

The best thing is that they — buffalo hide, grey, pebble-grained — don’t look like leather pants. They don’t have the glitz. They look like faded/distressed black jeans. In fact, I wore mine for a day without Adele noticing.

Of course, as my brother said, “What’s the point of wearing leather pants, if no one knows they’re leather. You might as well wear corduroy.”

I am mulling this over.