As frequent readers may know, my wife and I are fans of TV series where psychotic serial killers are pursued by dysfunctional detectives. So to get ready for Season 2 of “Marcella” (Netflix), we decided to re-watch Season 1, most of which we’d forgotten, including initially that we’d even seen it. Anyway, we recalled who the killer was and, pretty much, who would get killed when, so we could watch fairly dispassionately, which made us aware of certain plot holes. Maybe someone can fill them.

(I’ll pause for a moment, with a SPOILERS ALERT, to allow some of you to stop reading, if you wish.)


1. Why. when. how did Marcella move Grace’s body? Episode 2 ends with Grace letting her in. Episode 3 begins with Marcella, post fugue state, back home, covered in mud and dirt., so she clearly did this. Did she return to Grace’s and find her dead and think she had killed her? Why did she go back? Was the killer inside when she arrived, and did he knock Marcella out, so she awoke and found the body? Why didn’t he kill Marcella?

2. Who killed the cab driver? Ostensibly, he was killed because he had seen someone move Grace’s body, but the killer knew that wasn’t him. Did Marcella kill him? Also, he seems to have been killed by a gunshot through his windshield, but I don’t recall seeing a gun in the entire show. Was he just a victim of random violence?

3. What happened to his brother after he knocked out Marcella/

4. Did Stew get away with his murder (and Jason with aiding and abetting him)?

Still, a good show.