Marketing Report: Week 19

Sold two “Cheesesteak”‘s. The first, to a doctor at the health club, almost occurred some weeks ago, but he didn’t have cash, and it took him until now to get me a check. The second was to a stranger whose eye was caught by my “Buy Bob’s Books” sign in the café. (“Are you Bob?” he said.) That also was delayed because I couldn’t get the damn gizmo which enables my iPhone to take credit cards to work, but I went home and practiced, and the next time he came in, I was ready. (He turned out to work for the university guiding professors into the wonders of computer-assisted research. He’s hoping to publish a sci-fi novel, perhaps with illustrations, so I shared my several months worth of business wisdom with him.

In other news “The Schiz” is at the printer’s. It’s having trouble with a couple illustrations — technical trouble thankfully, not content trouble — and Milo is on top of it. The estimated shipment date of October 17 may be delayed but not by much.

[“Cheesesteak: The West Philadelphia Years: A Rememboir”: $20 from Spruce Hill Press, POB 9492, Berkeley 94709. $15, if you meet the author at a café. He’s the one with the “Buy Bob’ Books” sign.}