Marketing Report: Week 21

Sold one “Cheesesteak.”

I was sitting outside the French, waiting for a visit from B, when H walked by. I had been counting on him for a sale since we had discussed self-publishing when it was just a gleam in the eye. But he had disappeared about the time my book appeared. I thought he’d moved, but he had only been boycotting the café because the new owners had instituted a mini-dress code on the barristas. (It’s Berkeley, after all.) Anyway, I had a copy in the trunk of the Honda and he bought it.

By then B had arrived, but before we could begin catching up, who should appear but S. She had been a friend of ours (mainly Adele’s) before moving to Marin 20 years ago. We had recently re-connected when I’d joined Facebook. She had her won book out, and we’d agreed to swap. She had hers with her, but I’d sold H mine, so I bought hers and she agreed to buy mine. In fact, she liked the idea of selling books at the café so much, she said she’d bring a stack, tell all her East Bay friends, and we could sell our books together.

I made progress at Amazon (See last week’s report) and now have ONE copy listed there. If it moves, I guess I now know how to list another, so I’ll be able to proceed one-at-a-time.

And while my POB has remained a dry hole, book-wise, it did land coupons from Andonico’s, which could save us $40 on groceries, which is more than paying for itself.

In other news, I’ve paid the printer for “The Schiz,” stocked up on bubble mailers and stamps (I’m going Wonder Woman), and sent a feeler to the cafe’s management about holding a Book Launch party there. Next project: on-line book reviews.

CHEESESTEAK: $20. Spruce Hill Press. POB 9492, Berkeley 94709.
Other Books: