New at First of the Month

I have two pieces in the newly released FOM but, unfortunately, I can’t seem able to link to them. So if you are curious, you will have to go to and look for them One has an April 16 date and one an April 17.

One, which is one of my mini-s, begins:

On the day Stanford beat Arizona for the Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship, its coach, Tara Vanderveer defended women’s basketball in the New York Times. “I don’t think anyone says, ‘Well, professional basketball, they’re bigger and stronger, so I’ll just want to watch professional basketball.”
Actually, I say that.

The other, which is a poem, which I called FORE! but the editor didn’t, begins:

Sure nice to see Lydia Ko win again.

Hope you find them. (There’s other stuff there too, not by me, stuff of substance.