Levy returned two days later to speak with the woman who had taken his order originally. What he had described to her, accurately from his lay person’s perspective, it turned out, was not what she had heard from her professional one, as confirmed by what his jpeg had revealed to the young man in the skirt. The woman said she could reduce the new estimate if Levy would reformat his work and resubmit it. Levy was unsure of his ability to effect this reformation. He was wary of the increased tension the effort would bring. And her new new figure was still double what he had hoped to pay.

So it was onto Lulu. But Budd had been right about the blog — except he had two of them.

The greater mystery — and one not answered or even explored by these blogs — was why he had become so distressed.
Even when he discussed it with his wife, it remained unsolved. They could recall instances in the past when he had become upset to this level, but those triggers seemed to have been of greater significance, and it had been years since any of them had occurred.

Well, Levy thought, if you believed you were going to resolve this in this blog, you had better think again.