Press Release

(As if there was a Press to release this to.)

Bob Levin, winner of Best-of-Year awards (fiction and non-), returns with “Goshkin At Large,” a melange of both, tracking its eponymous title character, who bears a striking resemblance to his creator, through two-years of penning numerous articles, strikingly similar to those written – but not always published – by this very same creator, encountering en route Andy Kaufman, Bob Dylan, Edward Gorey, and Lee Harvey Oswald, among others, while seeking meaningful adjustments in his own thought and life, amidst peripheral impediments, like the NBA season, Donald Trump, and COVID-19.
“A hoot,” says noted author and Merry Prankster (semi-retired) Ed McClanahan.
Mind-twisting illustrations by J.T. Dockery.
Limited (professional copy-editing eschewed) edition, guaranteed to possess value-inflating errata for the collectibles market.
140 pp. (or thereabouts)
Not Available in Stores (or, as yet, at Amazon).
Coming – the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise – October 2020.
Pre-order from:
Spruce Hill Books
P.O. Box 9492
Berkeley, CA 94709.