It occurred to me that the reason I seem to immediately follow one writing project with another writing project is that because, when I am writing, I can spend my time, even away from pen and paper, formulating and refining sentences and paragraphs in my head and that, if I was not filling this space in this fashion, my thinking would dwell in areas of gloom.

Adele thought there was something to that. But she believes most people have something going on in their heads that serves the same purpose.

And that reminded me of a sentence I had copied from “Infinite Jest.” Hal Incandenza, the novel’s protagonist — or one of its protagonists — reflects that “We are all trying to give our lives away something, maybe God or Satan, politics or grammar, topology or philately — the object seemed incidental to giving one’s self away utterly. To games or needles, to some other person.”

I agreed with Hal too.