I have two pieces in the new FIRST OF THE MONTH. Here’s the link to the first: http://www.firstofthemonth.org/top-ten-things-wrong-with-aaron-sorkins-trial-of-the-chicago-seven-or-if-you-want-to-learn-history-dont-go-to-the-movies-read-books1/

It ends:
But you know what this movie should have been? Half Vietnamese and Americans getting killed and half police clubbing the crap out of people. Maybe throw in some cities burning and then, okay, a couple court room minutes with multiple, mini-Marx Brothers running amok.

Here’s the link to the second: http://www.firstofthemonth.org/the-bag-im-in/

It begins:
A heavy bag, I should say, besides being a fit way for any sentient being to respond to the world, aids your average septuagenarian’s anaerobic condition, hand-eye co-ordination, and balance – so’s he don’t fall on his nose when going down the hall for the night squirt.