My go-to place for clothes on-line is Sierra Trading Post. Then I filter by “Discount: High-to-Low.” The other day I spotted this “baseball” jacket, navy sleeves, orange snap-buttoned body. There were a couple drawbacks: I didn’t really need another jacket; the pockets were insufficient: there was this unsightly, irrelevant “M” at its breast. (The manufacturer was a company named Barbour, so it wasn’t its.0 But the jacket was 90% off. So…

The other day I walk into the cafĂ© and Ernie says, “What’s the ‘M’ for, Bob?”

Further research was in order. And when I got home I checked the fine print on the label and saw it was part of Barbour’s “Steve McQueen Collection.”

Well, that confirmed that greater powers were controlling the universe. People have been confusing me and Steve for ages.