I just finished…

…”All the Light You Cannot See,” by Anthony Doerr. We had been looking for a used copy for a long time. Finally we scored one — not only used, but a softcover — Canadian — right after it had hit the Just In shelves at Pegasus. “We had wondered who would grab that,” the sales clerk said.

It was very good. From the start, it seemed like something you could enjoy in junior high school and beyond. Like Dickens, maybe. Certainly not Hardy, or anyone after him. “A bit too precious,” Adele said, but still… It had a gripping story line, appealing central characters, a suitable villain. It was beautifully written, was compellingly paced; and you felt pretty sure a happy ending was in store. I wasn’t 100% sure about the sister and father, but otherwise… “The Princess Bride,” both Adele and I, independenty, compared it to.


So much so that when one of the principals met fate, I instinctively expected a reversal, like with Wesley. The darkness that followed, I suppose, raised my estimate of the book it some ways. But it lowered my mood in others. I am not positive the trade-off was worth it.