Adventures in Marketing: Week 97

Sold my first “Cheesesteak (II). The buyer, who already had a (I), is a fellow I’ve known since kindergarten. A retired jr. high school teacher, he still lives in Philly.
Then I gave a (I) to a former client, currently serving a life term in Vacaville for a murder. He asked for a “Schiz,” saying that since it would be coming from a publisher, even if the publisher was me, the authorities would let it through.; but I thought, with some of those illos, no way it would pass inspection.
I also offered a (I) to an FB “friend,” who self-identified as being from West Philly, but she didn’t take me up on it, probably, I’m thinking, because I requested her address, not because of her independent editorial judgment.

In other news…
Anyone ever hear of the web site atominside? It appears to be offering free pdfs of, at least, two of my books without any authorization to do so. It’s got pictures of both covers, but to add to the general fishiness of the operation, in the description of one it refers to it as “‘Cheesesteak: The West Philadelphia Years,’ by Moh Nurrofig.” Any ideas as to in what language “Bob Levin” translates as “Moh Nurrofig”?
I did click on “Contact Us,” and that seemed to deposit me on a page for, which advertised “Access to over 250,000 premium titles” for $14.95/month. Smelling viruses creeping closer and closer, I quit there.