My “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Andy Kaufman” will be published in a future Full Bleed. I feel good about this because it seemed a conceptual – maybe risky – stretch and the best piece I’d done in years. Also it means I have four different new pieces coming out in four different print or on-line magazines and another, older one being reprinted in a forthcoming collection. I don’t have any parents left to feel proud of me, so I will feel proud of myself.
And when I think of the hospital beds I was lying in a few years ago…
As my pal Wildwood Bob Ingram signs off his e-mails, “Keep punching.”

A Nice Welcome

My on-line pal Bob Ingram greeted my first submission to his anti-Trump site HOCUS-POTUS with “Dang, Bob…
Remember Steve McQueen in Mag Seven saying, ‘We deal in lead’? We deal in nasty and you’re one of us.”

Warmed my heart.

Will link to it soon as I hear it’s up.