My latest piece is up at I think it lost its title (“Alone”) but it begins:

As Tolstoy almost said, in high school, all alternative cartoonists are the same.
No one who has read R. Crumb (or any of several others) will be surprised by “Purgatory (A Rejects (sic) Story),” by Casanova Nobody Frankenstein (F.U. Press. 2017). But it still impales the heart.
Crumb, at least, had sisters and brothers.
Crumb, at least, was white.

The Wild One is Thirty-eight

My latest piece is up at (Again I apologize for my inability to provide a clickable link.)

It begins

The first story in the comic The Adventures of Tad Martin, #Sick Sick Six ((Teenage Dinosaur and Profanity Hill. 2015), by Casanova Frankenstein, “the artist, formally (sic) known as Al Frank,” is entitled “Tad Martin Vs. Popeye Rape-Whistle in The Secrets of Corpse-Fucking.” The publisher believed me the perfect person to review it. One week later, a journal editor had the same idea. I was flattered by the attention. At the same time, I thought, How the hell did Creative Writing 101a get me here?