Reflections on a Trip to SFMOMA

1.) Walking from Powell Street BART, none of the first 10 snatches of conversation I overheard were in English. Could the alt-right have a point? (I do not count the unintelligible madman screaming in the open space at 3d & Mission.)

2.) A good place to begin is the Rest Rooms on the entry floor. You will not be disappointed.

3.) Bruce Conner is a lot of fun. I hope he had a happy life.

4.) For $15, the salad with sliced chicken breast delivers a lot of lettuce.

5.) Seeing art “live” makes you realize why people want to own it.

6.) Can someone explain to me why what Chuck Close does is more significant than building a ship out of toothpicks inside a bottle? (Of course if Damian Hirst built a big one inside a big bottle it would probably go for millions.) After looking at several Chuck Close portraits, I began looking at other people in the gallery. As works of art, they were much more impressive.

7.) Am I the only person to note the similarities between Bruce Conner’s Dark Sculptures and Mike Diana’s “Boiled Angel”?

8. It was maybe our best museum visit ever. Adele said, “I was not bored, and I am always bored at museums.”

9. Along the way, I had picked up a laminated sheet of paper listing Bruce Conner’s drawings from a wooden box attached to that gallery’s wall. No one else took one, but no one stopped me either. I foresaw it being added to the other items Adele and I had brought into our hope during the last 40-odd years. But before we left, I precisely positioned in on a bench in another gallery on another floor. I saw it as a Bruce Conner-inspired act of art. Plus it was a statement about acquisition.