The Thing Without Teeth

My latest piece is up on-line. I have had complaints that people can’t click on my link and get anywhere, but this is beyond my technological skills. I’m open to tips on how to remedy this problem. Anyway, you can find it with a little extra effort at

Here’s a sample:

Gary Panter’s Crashpad had reached him in two forms.
The foremost was an 11-by-14-inch hardbound (44-pages. $39.99) and the other a 6 ½-by-10-inch comic (32-pages. $5.99, if sold separately), which came tucked into a pocket inside the hardbound’s front cover, a ragamuffin joey carried by a regal momma-roo. So concealed, Goshkin thought, it might never be opened. The investment-inclined might leave its condition mint. It could lie unseen for generations like a pharaoh’s treasure. Unless called to an outsider’s attention, it might be passed by like Duchamp’s Etant donnes in its museum corner.

Goshkin would not have been Goshkin’s obvious choice for a reviewer. He had known little about Panter beyond his name. His mind was more on Bob Dylan’s tour reaching Oakland and Warriors-Dallas. The connective tissue was “Loss.” Genius teetering on the frailty of age. Championship banners turning on bad calls and torn tendons.